Avast Anti-Theft for Android: Activation

How to activate Avast Anti-Theft

Anti-Theft requires a free activation that allows you to fully access to all app features and helps you to track and manage your device in case of loss or theft.

Instructions to activate Anti-Theft can be found in the following sections. To benefit from the full functionality of the app, please complete every step of the activation process.

Tap the Anti-Theft icon on your device to open the app and start the activation process.

SMS control

  1. Tap SMS control.
  2. Tap Start setup.
  3. Tap Create PIN code.
  4. Select an account for PIN reset and tap OK to confirm.
  5. Create a PIN and type it again to confirm.
  6. Tap Continue to complete the SMS control configuration.

Web control

  1. Tap Web control.
  2. Tap Set up Web control and log in to your Avast Account... ...or tap I understand, if your account has already been detected by the app.
If you are also using Avast Mobile Security and you are logged in to your Avast Account there, Anti-Theft detects it automatically and offers you to use the same account.

Allow Permissions

  1. Tap Allow permissions.
  2. The following steps may differ depending on the version of your Android system.
  3. Tap Go to Settings to grant the System Overlay permission.
  4. Move the slider under Anti-Theft from OFF to ON
  5. Tap Go to Settings to grant the Device administrator permission.
  6. Read the information about this permission and tap Activate to set up Anti-Theft to Device Administrator.
  7. Tap Go to Settings to grant the Usage stats permission.
  8. Tap Anti-Theft.
  9. Move the slider under Anti-Theft from OFF to ON
  10. Tap Request permissions to grant basic permissions.
  11. Tap Allow on each screen.
  12. Tap Go to Settings to enable the Write settings permission.
  13. Move the slider under Anti-Theft from OFF to ON
  14. Go back to the app and tap Finish to complete the activation.

Anti-Theft is now enabled and you can start using it.

  • Avast Anti-Theft
  • Android 4.0.3 and later

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