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Avast Small Business Cybersecurity Solutions

Get online protection you can trust from one of the leaders in cybersecurity. Avast Business provides high quality endpoint security and antivirus software designed for small businesses. Choose the level of protection that works best for your business.

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Help your business save time and money with IT upkeep

CCleaner Cloud could save you money by optimizing your devices to reduce the need for newer hardware. Plus, it helps improve efficiency, giving you back business time that might otherwise be lost to IT troubleshooting or employee device errors. It also allows your existing IT support team to be more efficient, automating certain upkeep tasks remotely so they can focus their attention on more business critical tasks.

Get a forward-thinking combination of cloud-based cybersecurity and device optimization today. Combine our innovative, cloud-based cybersecurity management platform Avast Business Hub with CCleaner Cloud.

Why choose CCleaner Cloud?

Optimize devices automatically on a planned schedule, plus manage startup items.
Install and uninstall important software across all your devices.
Monitor the performance of your devices’ hardware and software and get early warnings about developing issues.
Create detailed reports on how your devices perform across your business.
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Small business, big security

Cyberattacks are a genuine concern for small businesses. Not having the right protection can cost your business time and money, and result in the loss of sensitive information. Let us help you protect your business and customer information so that you can focus on your business with confidence and peace of mind.

The types of cyberthreats facing small businesses are diverse and so cybersecurity must be equally wide-ranging – with next-gen endpoint protection tools alongside small business antivirus, patch management, VPN and USB protection features.

Alongside software, policies, and practices should be reviewed. This includes training employees to spot social engineering-based attacks, such as phishing. These elements combined will create a truly holistic security setup for your small business.

Why do Small and Medium Businesses need antivirus?

Data breach protection
A data breach is often malware-related, making effective antivirus software essential for helping keep your business and client data more secure. This is done by identifying suspicious files and helping prevent common threats, including ransomware, from impacting network, server, and endpoints.
Automation and endpoint security
Small business networks have multiple devices connecting to them, in the office and remotely. Keeping all those devices protected can be difficult to manage individually, but with next-generation endpoint protection, every endpoint can be monitored and get protection centrally. Patch management will then help you automatically fix vulnerabilities in your software and keep security up-to-date.
Online management platform
Managing multiple devices and adding or removing new users more securely has never been simpler. The security of business devices in your network, old and new, can be managed from one screen, wherever you are.

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