Support: Reporting Malware Samples


Avast Software strives to provide the best protection possible with technology that detects threats proactively and blocks websites and files before they can attack your system. Acquiring new samples is vital to our ability to protect our users. We receive new samples of malicious code constantly and race to update our products so that they recognize these threats before they can infect your devices.

Avast Support: Reporting Malware Samples

Who can submit files?

Anyone can submit files to the Avast Virus Lab for analysis. Our automated systems check all the files submitted for malicious, or potentially unwanted activity, and then take one of the following actions:

  1. If there is a strong evidence that the file is malicious, the file is blocked by our virus definition updates soon as possible.
  2. If the automated system cannot determine with certainty that the file is malicious, the file is sent for manual analysis by our virus lab staff. The files we receive are prioritized by the potential severity and number of users it can harm. After manual analysis by the virus lab the file is categorized as safe or harmful.

What type of files can I submit?

Any type of file that you believe is malicious can be sent to Avast for evaluation. No replies are sent by Avast after the file submission or the file evaluation.

How can I submit files?

Submitting files is an automated process and you will not receive a reply or further information about the file you send.There are two ways to submit files:

  • Send an email to: with the subject line "Undetected Malware". If you submit multiple files please send them as single, compressed file such as ZIP, RAR, or 7z formats.
  • Use our anonymous FTP server if the file is too big to email. Upload the file to the incoming/ folder and send an email to specifying the name of the uploaded file.

For detailed instructions about using our anonymous FTP servedr to upload samples, please read the following article:

Are uploaded samples confidential?

Avast does not collect any personal information when you submit files to the virus lab. We are only interested in the file you submit for research purposes. Uploading to anonymous FTP is the most private method to send us a file.

  • All available Avast Software products
  • All supported operating systems

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