Avast Mobile Security for Android: Getting to know the all-new AMS 5

Avast Mobile Security for Android: Getting to know the all-new AMS 5

With the recent release of the newest version of Avast Mobile Security, we've received a collection of questions related to the product's modifications and new features. Below, you'll find solutions to the most frequently asked questions that we get from users.

I don't like app user interface – it's too colorful, too happy, and not serious enough. Is it still offering advanced security?

Our goal was to simplify the app's user interface based on feedback from our customers, and stick with the material design which was introduced in Android Lollipop. We offer the same trusted protection as before, but now, the app is much more easy to use.

I recently bought a premium license for Avast Mobile Security -- I would like a refund. What is Avast doing for its subscribing customers?

We apologize for any inconvenience this new release of the software may have caused you. The app's complete premium feature set from your subscription is still there, including unlimited Applocking and Privacy Advisor. We want to offer our loyal customers who have time remaining in their Mobile Security subscription a free annual subscription for Avast SecureLine VPN with a total value of $19.99 which is awaiting them when they install or open the SecureLine App. SecureLine is a critical part of keeping your mobile phone safe, protecting you from hackers when you are on public networks.

The Avast Mobile Security app looks too easy. Is it not for advanced users anymore?

Although the app has a new user interface, it continues to offer the same high level of protection as before. Nothing has been changed in its advanced ability to keep your phone safe.

I'm missing the Firewall feature as well as other features such as network meter, advanced settings, etc. Why did they disappear?

By looking at how our customers are using the app, we've found some features are not frequently used and are less important to the majority of our customers, so we have removed them from this version in exchange for a smoother customer experience and, increased functionality. Please send us feedback if there are features you would like to add back to the app.

Specifically, we have not added the Firewall in the new version of Avast Mobile Security, as it was used by less than 1% of AMS 4 customers. We want to create the best app available with features you love to use, so we are focusing on the app's most commonly used features and making it clearer and more user-friendly.

How can I roll back to the previous version of AMS?

If you want to stay with the previous version, AMS 4, you can download it directly from this link:

However, don't forget to disable automatic updates for AMS, so that you don't upgrade back to AMS 5.

Why does the new AMS offers too many promotions?

We occasionally offer our customers, using our free protection other services, promotional offers from our partners. We do not want the ads to bother you, so let us know how often you receive ads if it is too frequent, after you adjust settings within the app.

Why have you introduced advertising to the app?

Many mobile security products can require on-going payments, but we've provided ours completely free of charge. In exchange for our free protection, it's necessary for us to display some ads or promotions within the app. We always try our best to accomplish this in the most non-intrusive manner possible.

Is the new AMS much more power-consuming than previous versions?

In terms of power consumption, the new Avast Mobile Security is designed to consume no more power than the older versions, even on lower performance devices. If you're encountering any issues, we would like to hear from you. You can share more details in our beta group or in our forum about what you are seeing, and please add your device type (such as its manufacturer and model), as well as its installed version of Android, whether the device is rooted and whether you have a custom ROM.

I can't install AMS 5 - Google Play doesn't show me the possibility to upgrade. What can I do?

Due to the fact that we are using some of the latest app technologies, the new AMS 5 only supports versions of Android with API 15 (e.g. KitKat - 4.0.3 and higher). If your device has an older version of Android installed, it's necessary for you to stay with our current version of AMS 4 for the time being. To help our customers who are in this situation, we've released premium licenses so that you can enjoy the same protection and experience as AMS 5 users. If you haven't yet received a premium license, please go to the AMS 4 dashboard, tap the "Go Premium" button on the top of the screen followed by the "already have a license" button. Your license should begin downloading shortly.

Is there not an SD Card scanning feature in AMS 5?

We will be adding an internal SD scanning feature soon. At this time, we don't have plans to add external storage support.

Where is the icon?

We've replaced the icon with a permanent notification that you should see in your status bar. The notification is now only visible when there is something that requires your attention.

Where is the SMS blocking?

SMS blocking has become technically impossible since the release of Android 4.4 and higher. As more and more people now have Android 5 and 6, we have found that the feature is not needed for most of our customers.

How do I let Avast know about new features I would like you to add?

Please describe your idea in our beta group or in our forum. By doing so, you have a great opportunity to reach the product manager or developers directly.

The permanent notification is bothering me. Is there any option to turn it off?

It's necessary for the permanent notification in the status bar to remain on in order to prevent the Android device from killing the app and affecting the app lock and real-time protection features. You can turn it off in the Settings → Protection → Permanent notification, but we strongly don't recommend doing so.

We tested the behavior on mid to high-end devices with Android 6 and found we would not be able to guarantee 100% security if it were turned off. AMS was being killed approximately once per minute while using a common up to read discussion threads online. We suspect that AMS would be turned off while using multiple tabs in a browser, playing a game, or using Google Maps, and they would therefore not be secure. Hence, it's not wise to disable the permanent notification at this time.

The components that would specifically be non-working (partially or completely) are:

  • AppLocking
  • App Shield
  • Web Shield
  • Avast Mobile Security 5.0
  • Android 4.0.3 and later
  • Android 3.x (Avast Mobile Security deprecated)
  • Android 2.3.x (Avast Mobile Security deprecated)

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