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All-in-one cybersecurity solutions

The world is going digital and disjointed security services are no longer safe. Layered, cloud-based security is the key to full protection.

What is all-in-one cybersecurity?

In the past, businesses felt confident protecting devices and networks with just antivirus and perhaps a physical firewall appliance. Today, as everything moves online and to the cloud, security solutions must follow suit.

Traditional solutions will leave you vulnerable to sophisticated security breaches and cyberattacks. Legacy firewalls and data centers aren’t scalable, and are costly to maintain. This leaves companies at risk and unable to protect their mobile workers.

Yesterday’s network architecture is no longer sustainable in today’s environment. For total protection, you need all-in-one security - a combination of next-gen endpoint protection and cloud-based network security solutions that cover users anytime, anywhere.

Why should all-in-one security solutions be delivered from the cloud?

Cloud-based Traditional security
Security stays with your users. The business perimeter has dissolved. With cloud-based solutions, users are protected anytime, anywhere.
Security is limited to the data center. Users outside the business perimeter are not protected from cyberattacks.
Simplicity. Phasing out appliances simplifies offerings and reduces costs. Our solutions are easy to use and maintain, requiring fewer resources.
Deploying and maintaining appliances from multiple security vendors is complex, requiring continuous patching, updates, and hardware upgrades.
Solutions are hosted in the cloud. No hardware-related fees, box installations, or refresh schedules.
Solutions are hosted in a physical data center, costing companies valuable work space and maintenance resources.
Endless scalability. Add the latest features and endless users without breaking a sweat - or the bank.
Security doesn’t scale. Need to expand to a new office? This would require a new data center and significant upfront costs.
Comprehensive. Cloud security is able to scan all incoming and outgoing traffic, including SSL and CDN.
Scanning is limited. Most traditional security appliances are unable to inspect encrypted (SSL) traffic.
Integrated. Point products are consolidated into one platform, to easily manage and protect devices, data, and more.
Managing cybersecurity with disjointed, complex tools is challenging and unsustainable.

All-in-one solutions = multiple layers of security

Attackers possess endless ways to breach a network or device. It’s crucial to have a combination of security services and additional layers of protection to block cyberthreats.

Protect your business from all types of vulnerabilities with Avast all-in-one security.

How does this affect businesses?

The threat landscape is rapidly evolving - you need a solution that can keep up
Your current security stack isn’t fully protecting the business you’ve worked hard to build
Managing cybersecurity for devices with confusing, time-consuming tools is a struggle
Business operations are moving to the cloud and you want cloud-based security to protect them

Protect what you’ve worked hard to build

CloudCare enables businesses to manage and monitor their security in one place

Intuitive UI is a must for a modern security platform.
Protect data, devices, applications, and networks, quickly and easily
Monitor alerts and threats in real time from a single dashboard
Deploy new, layered security services across all devices
Gather key data and generate detailed activity reports with one click

Contact our team today to discuss your security needs, and how CloudCare can help protect your devices and streamline management.