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Top Browser Keyboard Shortcuts: Chrome, Safari, Firefox & Edge

These days, web browsing is better than ever. But it can get tiresome having to use the mouse to do everything. Enter keyboard shortcuts: these shortcuts can make your browsing experience faster and easier, as your hands don’t have to leave the keyboard.

Written by Danielle Bodnar
Published on March 11, 2021
Reviewed by Antoinette Cocorinos

In this article, we’ll cover the top browser shortcuts for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. Many of these shortcuts work the same way across all web browsers.

We’ll also show you several unique Google Chrome shortcuts and a few special shortcuts for other browsers. Note that, when applicable, you’ll need to use Cmd instead of Ctrl if you have a Mac.

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    Looking for Chrome keyboard shortcuts, or something specific like the handy close tab shortcut or the new tab shortcut? Jump quickly to our specific sections on shortcuts for navigation, search, tabs, history and bookmarks, tools, the address bar, and zooming and scrolling.

    Keyboard shortcuts that work with any browser

    This table covers all the shortcuts that work with any web browser, whether it’s Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, or another browser. Use these web shortcuts to make your browsing even faster. And check out our guide to the best browsers for privacy and security for more on specific features of particular browsers.


    Here are the most important shortcuts you can use for keyboard navigation on Chrome and other web browsers.




    Alt + Left arrow


    Alt + Right arrow


    Alt + Home

    Open file

    Ctrl + O



    Reload (override cache)

    Ctrl + F5


    Escape key

    If you’re on a Mac, use Cmd instead of Ctrl.


    Use the following shortcuts to search a particular web page. These Chrome search shortcuts also work in Firefox and all the other leading browsers.



    Find in this page

    Ctrl + F

    Find next

    F3 or Ctrl + G

    Find previous

    Shift + F3

    Close the find bar


    Focus address bar for web search

    Ctrl + K or Ctrl + E

    If you’re on a Mac, use Cmd instead of Ctrl.


    Need to know how to close tabs with your keyboard? Here’s the close tab shortcut, plus shortcuts for opening and switching tabs.



    Open a new window

    Ctrl + N

    Open a new tab

    Ctrl + T

    Close current tab

    Ctrl + F4

    Switch to right tab

    Ctrl + Tab

    Switch to left tab

    Ctrl + Shift + Tab

    Open a recently closed tab

    Ctrl + Shift + T

    Close the entire window

    Alt + F4

    Change view to tab 1 to 8

    Ctrl + # key (1-8)

    Change view to last tab

    Ctrl + 9

    If you’re on a Mac, use Cmd instead of Ctrl.

    icon_04History and bookmarks

    Below are the shortcuts to create and manage your bookmarks so that you can save pages for later, as well as the shortcuts to view and clear your browsing history. You’ll also find the shortcut to open bookmarks in Chrome and other browsers.

    To keep your web browsing more private, you may want to clear your browsing history more thoroughly. You can also enable and disable cookies in your browser, but there’s no history shortcut for that function.



    Open browsing history

    Ctrl + H

    Open download history

    Ctrl + J

    Open the Clear Browsing History window

    Ctrl + Shift + Del

    Bookmark current page

    Ctrl + D

    Save all tabs as bookmarks

    Ctrl + Shift  + D

    Show bookmarks bar

    Ctrl + Shift + B

    Bookmarks manager

    Ctrl + Shift + O

    If you’re on a Mac, use Cmd instead of Ctrl.


    There are a lot of tools available if you’re looking for more advanced web browsing shortcuts on a PC. See the table below for shortcuts for downloads, inspecting elements, and other common tool and developer functions.




    Ctrl + J

    Open Developer Tools


    Inspect element

    Ctrl + Shift + C


    Ctrl + Shift + E (Chrome), Shift + F5 (Firefox)

    Open web console

    Ctrl + Shift + J

    icon_06Address bar

    Below are two useful shortcuts to the address bar you can use on a PC.



    Set focus to address bar

    Ctrl + K

    Add “www.” or “.com” to address bar

    Type site name and Ctrl + Enter

    icon_07Zooming and scrolling

    To better navigate the web page you’re on, use these shortcuts to zoom and scroll to the bottom of the page. Note that for zooming in and zooming out, the + and - symbols indicate the keys on the keyboard you need to press for this shortcut.



    Zoom in


    Zoom out


    Default zoom level

    Ctrl + 0

    Full-screen mode


    Scroll down a frame

    Space or Pgdn

    Scroll up a frame

    Shift + Space or Pgup

    Top of page


    Bottom of page


    If you’re on a Mac, use Cmd instead of Ctrl.

    icon_08Other keyboard shortcuts

    Finally, here are some other helpful keyboard shortcuts that don’t quite fit into the other categories, such as printing and saving pages.



    Print the current page

    Ctrl + P

    Save current page to your computer

    Ctrl + S

    Open a file from your computer

    Ctrl + O


    Ctrl + X


    Ctrl + C


    Ctrl + V

    Open the current page’s source code (not in IE)

    Ctrl + U

    Open Help


    If you’re on a Mac, use Cmd instead of Ctrl.

    All the shortcuts in the table above are universal, meaning they work on all web browsers. These keyboard shortcuts will help you browse more quickly on any browser.

    For an even faster, smoother, and safer browsing experience, consider switching your default browser to free Avast Secure Browser. This browser automatically blocks ads, enforces HTTPS encryption on all websites, and comes with anti-tracking capability to keep your information secure and prevent third-party tracking.

    Still looking for some special shortcuts for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge? Keep reading for some useful keyboard shortcuts unique to each browser.

    Google Chrome: extra shortcuts

    Need more Chrome keyboard shortcuts? The following are some of the most useful specific Chrome shortcuts out there, including the shortcut for Chrome’s Incognito mode.


    Chrome Shortcut

    Open a new Incognito window

    Ctrl + Shift + N

    Open Chrome menu

    Alt + F

    Search from anywhere on the page

    Ctrl + K

    Remove predictions from address bar

    Down arrow to highlight + Shift + Del

    Move cursor to address bar

    Ctrl + F5

    Show or hide bookmarks bar

    Ctrl + Shift + B

    Open Chrome Task Manager

    Shift + Esc

    Set focus on first item in Chrome toolbar

    Shift + Alt + T

    Set focus on the rightmost item in Chrome toolbar


    Switch focus to unfocused dialog and all toolbars


    If you’re on a Mac, use Cmd instead of Ctrl.

    Safari: extra shortcuts

    Here are some of the shortcuts unique to Safari, which work in addition to the universal shortcuts listed above. Note that Safari is the default browser only on Apple devices, so many Safari shortcuts use the Command key instead of Ctrl.


    Safari Shortcut

    Show tab overview

    Shift + Cmd + \

    Open page in new tab

    Cmd + click link

    Open page in a new, active tab

    Shift + Cmd + Return after typing in the smart search field OR Shift + Cmd + click link

    Show or hide the bookmarks bar

    Ctrl + Cmd + 1

    Select bookmarks and folders in the sidebar

    Cmd + click each bookmark/folder

    Select next bookmark or folder

    Up arrow or down arrow

    Open selected bookmark


    Open selected folder

    Spacebar or right arrow

    Close the selected folder

    Spacebar or left arrow

    Show or hide the reading list sidebar

    Show or hide the reading list sidebar

    Add a linked page

    Shift + click a link to the page

    Add the current page

    Shift + Cmd + D

    Firefox: extra shortcuts

    Firefox boasts a lot of hotkey shortcuts, especially for functions such as Developer Tools, thanks to its open source software. Here are a selection of the most common Firefox shortcuts, including for bookmarks and Developer Tools (DevTools) functions:


    Firefox Shortcut

    Open a new Private Window

    Ctrl + Shift + P

    Restore last closed window

    Ctrl + Shift + N

    Quick find


    Quick find in link text only

    Close the quick find bar (when it’s focused only)



    Ctrl + Shift + A


    Ctrl + Shift + Z

    Style editor

    Shift + F7


    Ctrl + Shift + E

    Responsive design view

    Ctrl + Shift + M


    Shift + F4

    Page source

    Shift + U

    If you’re on a Mac, use Cmd instead of Ctrl.

    Edge: extra shortcuts

    These shortcuts work for the Microsoft Edge browser, the default browser for most Windows-powered devices. Note that these shortcuts won’t necessarily work in Internet Explorer, which Microsoft has stopped updating.


    Edge Shortcut

    Open Edge Task Manager

    Ctrl + Shift + Esc

    Set focus on the first item in the favorites (bookmarks) bar

    Alt + Shift + B

    Select the URL in the address bar to edit

    Alt + D

    Open favorites (bookmarks) management

    Ctrl + Shift + O

    Find in current tab


    Open URL in address bar


    Reload current tab


    Open new Inprivate window

    Ctrl + Shift + N

    Set focus on Settings and more button


    Open Settings and more menu

    F10 + Enter

    Avast Secure Browser: extra shortcuts

    Ready to take your browsing security and overall browsing experience to the next level? In addition to robust privacy and security features, Avast Secure Browser also has some handy browser shortcuts. All of the universal and Chrome-specific shortcuts work on Avast Secure Browser, as well as these special ones:

    • Private Mode prevents your browsing history from being stored, deletes tracking cookies to foil web tracking, and stops web caches from being saved.

    • Bank Mode provides a virtual desktop that acts as a safe and clean PC within your real PC. This protects you against hijacked hosts or networks, and prevents keyloggers and network-based eavesdropping from capturing your data. Use Bank Mode to access your sensitive financial information securely.

    • Privacy Cleaner clears your browsing history along with other data stored in your browser, such as cached images and cookies. This helps protect your privacy and clears disk space on your computer.


    Avast Secure Browser Shortcut

    Open new Private Mode window

    Ctrl + Shift + N

    Open new Bank Mode window

    Ctrl + B

    Privacy cleaner

    Ctrl + Shift + Del

    If you’re on a Mac, use Cmd instead of Ctrl. Bank Mode is only available on Windows so far.

    Add privacy to your productivity with Avast Secure Browser

    Keyboard shortcuts are great for browsing the web more quickly and easily. But what about browsing more privately and securely? Avast Secure Browser features all the same Chrome shortcuts, while also offering privacy and security controls to keep all your projects and data secure while you work. 

    Among its many features, Avast Secure Browser has a built-in ad blocker and security tools such as anti-phishing, anti-tracking, and secure banking mode. The browser also includes automatic encryption to make sure every site you visit is secure. And it can perform hack checks to ensure that your information isn’t compromised anywhere on the web.

    On top of all these extra security features, Avast Secure Browser’s speed rivals the leading browsers. Once you’ve got your keyboard shortcuts down, switching to a more secure browser is seamless.

    Get fast, secure, and private web browsing with Avast Secure Browser

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    Get fast, secure, and private web browsing with Avast Secure Browser

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    Danielle Bodnar