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Once your company is growing, you have to protect a variety of devices, including PCs, networks, and servers. At the same time you don’t want to walk around and check every device. Adding the administration console gives you the ability to manage everything from a central location. So you can grow, track, and even uncover rogue devices quickly and easily, and keep your network and business safe.


Choose the right protection for your business

Protection Suite
Protection Suite Plus
Advanced security for PCs, laptops, and file servers Maximum security for PCs, laptops, file and email servers
My company needs to
Protect my business data against viruses & spyware yes yes
Secure my financial transactions yes yes
Isolate websites I’m not sure of, so that nothing bad gets to my data yes yes
Administer my security from a central console yes yes
Block hackers from seeing my devices yes
Secure my devices even when I’m not on my home network yes
Keep my mailbox free from spam and phishing scams yes
Yearly subscription per device from (volume discounts available) $174,95 $224,95
Remote Administration console Free Free

Remote administration consoles for advanced management and control

Small Office Administration

Adding the Avast Small Office Administration console allows you to easily manage our security solutions from your desk, without needing a dedicated IT staff. This console can grow along with your business, for up to 200 devices. The Small Office Administation console gives you:

  • Simple, easy-to-use web-based administration console
  • One-level devices grouping, suitable for networks up to 200 PCs
  • Easy-to–navigate graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Auto-discovery of new/unprotected (or ‘rogue’) PCs
  • Designed for companies with limited IT staff
  • Allows remote installation and updates
  • Ability to schedule/run scanning jobs and real-time alerts

Enterprise Administration

With the Avast Enterprise Administration console you can manage dozens or thousands of our Endpoint Protection Suites from your desk. This console can grow along with your business, for up to 30,000 devices. This powerful management tool gives you:

  • Effective management tool for networks of any size
  • Desktop application
  • Hierarchical devices structured according to your needs
  • Ability to assign appropriate access rights and policies to users and/or user groups
  • Remote deployment available – even spanning multiple domains
  • Fast and automatic updates
  • Complex, enterprise-wide reporting and alerting management
  • Suitable solution for advanced IT administrators

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