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Endpoint protection for businesses

Times are changing, and antivirus alone is no longer enough to fully protect your company from ever-evolving malware and sophisticated hacker attacks. Cyberthreats continue to grow - but we’re growing stronger.

Endpoint protection solutions for every business.
Comprehensive endpoint security is a must in today's world.

What is endpoint protection?

Comprehensive endpoint security is a must in today's world.

Truly securing your business goes beyond protecting laptops. Our advanced endpoint protection ensures that all devices with network access are protected from hackers and malware. And it’s more than just antivirus. Our Patch Management solution lets you easily deploy critical patches to fix vulnerabilities and security gaps in Windows and other application software, keeping networks protected.

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Get the level of coverage you need

The essential security package.
The coverage you can’t do without Next-gen endpoint security protects your business from ransomware and advanced cyberattacks.
Get business antivirus and Patch Management for advanced protection.
Coverage that goes beyond the basics Next-gen Antivirus plus Patch Management. Keep your data, applications, devices, and users updated and protected.
Cloud Management Console
Easily manage, deploy, and manage your Avast Business security solutions from a single console.
Malware protection
Combines artificial intelligence, behavior-based machine learning, and cloud threat lab analysis capabilities to detect known and unknown malware, ransomware, and other cyberthreats in real-time.
Server protection
Multilayered protection for your company’s data passing through servers. Includes Sharepoint Server Protection and Exchange Server Protection.
Privacy & identity protection
Keeps your business information and identity safe. Protects your bank info, passwords, and downloads from hackers, especially while using Wi-Fi on public networks.
Patch Management
Easily manage, maintain, and update Windows and thousands of third-party applications, all from a single console.
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Everything you need to know about endpoint protection

After purchasing, you will get a link to download your product or a link to the console. You will also get a license code. Please copy the code, as you will need to provide it after opening the product for the first time. You may then modify the settings of your endpoint security. Once Endpoint protection is installed, you are fully protected.

A centralized management console gives you the freedom to control all your endpoints and mobile devices from a single security platform. Moreover, with the reports in the console, you will obtain even better insights into what is happening in your network.

Avast Business products are suitable for Windows operating systems, Mac OS, Linux, and Windows Servers. Not all features are available for all devices, so please take a look at the protection recommended for your device.

If your business is already using Avast endpoint security suite without the console, just buy more seats or another product for your current license right here on the website. If you have the Cloud Console already set up, please login and purchase from the interface so you can manage all of your security solutions from the same console.