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Patch the holes in your network security

As soon as hackers get access to your network, they get access to all your data.
Avast Home Network Security helps eliminate this threat.

What’s the risk?

It doesn’t matter whether they’re wireless or connected by cables, routers and other devices on your network are easy targets for hackers. Hackers can easily compromise routers to get access to your personal data, web cam or to simply use your internet bandwidth for free, while you pay.

How can hackers steal my data?

Outdated router software are full of weak spots that hackers can easily exploit. In fact, there are guides easily available online that will show anyone how to hack into your computer and steal your data using these vulnerabilities in your network.

Check your network protection for free

All Avast security products ship with Home Network Security. Just click to scan and Home Network Security will tell you if there’s a problem, as well as how to fix it.

Do you use Avast? 230 million people all around the world do. If you’re already one of them, just go to Scan › Scan for network threats and click the button to run the test.

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