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Protect yourself against DNS hijacking

DNS hijacking redirects you from the site you want to visit, to one that looks just like it. Why? So hackers can steal your login info. Secure DNS ensures the site you’re visiting is real.

What’s the risk?

You go to your regular banking site and log in as usual. Or so you think. If the DNS has been hijacked, you’ve actually been sent to a copycat site that looks exactly like your banking one. The site then captures your login details, making it easy for thieves to access your account.

How can hackers steal my data?

By creating a copycat site, hackers trick you into giving them your log in details. And you’re none the wiser. We’ve solved this problem by using our own network of secured DNS servers which encrypt the traffic between them and your Avast-protected PC.

Protect yourself against fake sites

All paid Avast security products come with Secure DNS installed, so you know that the site you’re going to is the one you think it is.

Does your PC already run a paid Avast product? Great. Then simply go to Settings, find “Active protection” and check that your Secure DNS is on. Easy.

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