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What is next-gen cybersecurity?

In the face of increasingly complex threats, cybersecurity must be faster, smarter and more powerful than ever. Old methods are no longer enough. Avast combines the strength of big data, artificial intelligence and deep threat inspection to identify, detect and destroy cyber threats in real time, making the internet safer for all.

Big data defeats
big predators.

Avast draws upon the largest threat-detection database in the world. 400 million connected sensors from our active users provide a continual stream of data facilitating learning at unprecedented speeds. Our security cloud checks over 200 billion URLs and 300 million new files monthly. We employ local monitoring and detection which gives us the ability to use specialized baits and traps to detect, diffuse and defeat any malicious activity on any device.

Avast users protect more than just their own devices. As an Avast user, you become an active sensor feeding the insight to identify and eliminate threats for the entire network.




Ransomware attacks
blocked by Avast in 2016



Malware attacks
blocked by Avast
each month

The Avast cybersecurity network is global, protecting millions of people around the world.

Deep threat inspection.

Our proprietary methods for deep threat inspection allow us to see deeper than any other solution. Thanks to our morphology and mutation analysis, we don’t just see every action within an environment, we also have full visibility into the complex structure of the binary code and how it impacts what surrounds it. These extra dimensions of insight help us prevent attacks at every layer and stop 3.5 billion malware attacks per month.

Stop a threat from
the future.

In the next few years, the number of “things” connected to the internet is predicted to increase by over 285%. These devices are being hacked in record numbers. In order to protect people from this growing threat, Avast is adding a new layer of cybersecurity focused on protecting the home network. We are equipping ourselves to cover this seismic shift by creating cloud-based IoT security solutions with AI-driven behavior analysis of all data leaving and entering a house, enabling us to detect botnet attacks before they occur.

Every device you own – even ones you’ll own in the future – will benefit from the knowledge we reap every second of every day. Avast will not only make today safer, but tomorrow as well.


Malicious samples collected in avast mobile threat detection database

We've seen it all.
And we see what's ahead.

Avast has been saving the world from cyberattacks since 1988. Now we protect more people than any other cybersecurity company in the world. We have the expertise, the user base and the next-gen AI technology to stop cyberattacks in real time, even before they happen. We are Avast. And we are next-gen cybersecurity for all.

Avast, the world’s largest threat detection network.

At Avast, we understand that to be effective, cybersecurity must harness the insight of big data, the power of artificial intelligence and the depth of world-class security expertise. That’s why we built a cloud-based, machine-learning cybersecurity engine that receives a constant stream of insight from over 400 million data sensors worldwide. This expanse of threat intelligence gives us the deep insight we need to stop issues before they arise and predict ones that might be coming.

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