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Knowledge is power

Avast has over a decade of expertise offering award-winning protection and service to partners around the world, and we have the vision and technology to keep you ahead of threats and your competition. Read all about how we can help you improve your customer’s lives below.


The Global Market Opportunity For Carriers In Protecting The Digital Family

We explore the challenges faced by the modern connected family and how network operators can benefit by offering value-added services catered towards them.


The Future of Secure Smart Homes: Network Providers to Partner with Security Vendors

As consumers connect dozens of devices in their homes, network providers can provide a new, more central approach to keeping families and homes secure.

More valuable than value added

Enhance customer loyalty, engagement, and ARPU’s with Avast’s security and family safety solutions.

Reduced churn

Improving online security and device efficiency will keep your customers safe and loyal.

Lower costs

Security software decreases the risk of malware infections, and thus the load on your technical support.

Additional revenue

With a subscription-based service, you’ll continuously increase your ARPU at no additional cost.

Improved NPS

Providing your customers with the latest technologies builds their confidence in your brand.

Competitive differentiator

Be the first mobile operator in your market to introduce security and parental controls services.

Our trusted partners

Mobile network operators and OEMs around the world partner with us to provide innovative solutions to their millions of customers.

Comprehensive security at every level, fully customized

Our suite of products provides complete online and offline protection for your customers. Using our “Building Block” architecture, any functionality we offer can be easily customized into a unique solution for you, based on your and your customers’ needs.


Monitor device activity and encrypt data traffic for complete privacy on any Wi-Fi network.


Device protection and performance enhancement, including chip-level security.


Device locator to ensure child safety, or data control in case of theft.


Protect customers at all times and in all places over your broadband cellular network.


Secure customers’ home Wi-Fi networks and their connected devices at the router level.

Data On-Device Physical Network IoT

Seamless integration with full support

Our experts will work closely with yours to ensure the seamless implementation of our solutions, while maintaining the integrity of your brand.

Network integration
Your brand design
Monitoring and support
Network integration

Network integration

We have 10+ years of experience integrating with location, call, billing, and other carrier network systems.

Network Integration
Your brand design

Your brand design

We are experts at white labeling and will work closely with you to create a design that matches your brand identity.

Brand Design
Monitoring and support

Monitoring and support

We support all of our partners around the world 24/7.


Built on decades of expertise

Global reach

Global reach

  • 30 years in the security software business
  • Over 400 million users worldwide
  • Major offices located in Silicon Valley, London, Prague, and Taipei
Leading edge technology

Leading edge technology

  • The world’s largest machine learning network
  • Cloud-based and on-device engines
  • Significant investments in R&D and scale automation
Carrier grade

Carrier grade

  • Network-integrated solutions
  • 10+ years of experience
  • Tier-1 partners

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