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Say goodbye to downtime and data loss

Keep your data secure with Cloud Backup and Recovery. Minimize downtime and access critical information anytime, anywhere.

Why Avast Business Cloud Backup?

Centralized management
Our cloud backup solution is fully integrated into the Business Hub, so you can easily manage all Avast Business solutions from a single pane of glass.
Easy remote recovery
Recover data remotely from the Business Hub platform with a few clicks.
Secure encryption
Every file is securely encrypted, both in transit and in the cloud.
Unlimited Retention Policy
Keep your history for as long as you need it.
Unlimited endpoints
One backup plan allows you to protect as many devices as you want.
Free business-grade support
24/5 support from our highly trained technical engineers, who can assist you via email, chat, or phone.


Seamless deployment
Deploy with just one click from the Business Hub to any device with the Avast Business agent.
Simple policy setup
Out-of-the-box policies allow you to easily set up and use the customized settings to determine backup frequency, type, and file size.
Comprehensive reporting
Generate real-time reports that include backup history, stored data usage, individual device usage, backup plans, and much more.
Real-time alerts
Set up alerts and receive emails with updates on cloud backups that have failed, missed their schedule, or have been successfully completed.
File restoration
If data is lost or becomes corrupt, backed-up data can be viewed and restored directly from the dashboard.
Backup versioning
Restore a particular version of a file that you have backed up.
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Prevent data loss, minimize downtime

Cloud Backup keeps data secure and ensures business continuity by protecting endpoint devices with an automated backup process that is easy to deploy and manage from a single pane of glass.

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Cloud Backup and Recovery

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