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Avast Family Space

Parental Control App for iPhone & Android

Keep your kids safe both online and off with Avast Family Space’s advanced parental controls and location features for Android and iPhone.

Being a parent in a connected world

Nearly half of kids have their own smartphone by the time they’re 10 to 12*. For parents, that means worrying about who your kids are chatting with, how much time they spend browsing, or if they’re being exposed to inappropriate content. Avast Family Space gives you peace of mind by letting you know where your child is at all times, and by letting you control how they use the internet.

*Nielsen report, 2017

Always know where your child is

Avast Family Space offers state-of-the-art GPS location technologies so you can make sure your child is safe at all times.

Let them wander without worry
Avast Family Space lets you easily check your child’s location on a GPS map, so you can always be sure they’re safe.
Be sure they arrived safely
Set up automatic alerts so you know when your child arrives at or leaves certain locations, such as home, school, or practice.

Make the internet a safer place

You can’t control the internet, but you can control how your children use it. Protect them from inappropriate content and help them learn healthy online habits.

Keep the internet age-appropriate
Choose one of four pre-set content filters based on your child’s age range, or block specific websites and apps that may be risky or inappropriate.
Help them disconnect when they need it
Nearly half of teens report being online constantly*. Use the pause internet feature to help them focus on schoolwork and get a good night’s sleep.
Make sure you can always get in touch
Not being able to get in touch with your kids is scary. Check their battery status and remind them to charge their phones so you can reach them.

You may still be wondering...

Avast Family SpaceAvast Family Space

Making the internet, and the world, a safer place for your kids.