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Avast Battery Saver for Windows

Avast Battery Saver gives your laptop up to 32% more battery life by stopping energy drainers.

30-day money-back guarantee

More fuel for your digital life

We’ve all had that moment: you’re just getting to the end of that all-important document or exciting movie –– and your battery dies. Now you can get the most out of your laptop battery with Avast Battery Saver for Windows.

Regulate PC performance

Avast Battery Saver intelligently reduces CPU performance when you don’t need it, giving you an extra boost of battery life.

Auto-adjust your display

Your display is your biggest battery drainer. We make sure to adjust your brightness automatically and turn off the screen when you’re not using it.

Turn off power-drainers

When you’re unplugged, we’ll boost your battery by turning off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and your hard disk when they’re not in use.

Best of all, it works automatically

When you’re unplugged, we automatically preserve your battery.

Best of all, it works automatically

You may still be wondering...

Avast Battery Saver

30-day money-back guarantee