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The more you buy, the more you save - up to 20%!

Avast Business Patch Management

Keeps your Operating System and other third-party software applications up-to-date and protected against vulnerabilities and attacks.

For Windows operating systems only.

$11.99 $14.99

per 1 device 1 year

30-day money-back guarantee

Patch Management Features

Flexible deployment schedules

Schedule and deploy approved patches at desired times or manually deploy to groups or individual devices.

Master agent capabilities

Download all missing patches to a master agent that seamlessly distributes patches to all managed devices in the network.

Intuitive Dashboard

Manage all software patches and view graphical summaries of installed, missing, or failed patches from any device.

Patch scan results

View detailed results from a single platform that includes information on missing patches, severity levels, knowledge base links, release dates, descriptions, and more.

Customizable patches

Choose software vendors, products, and the severity of patches to scan and install. Easily create exclusions for applications.

Automatic scans

Schedule patch scans to run automatically every 24 hours and set patches to deploy automatically every Thursday. These default settings can be customized at any time.

Thousands of patches

Deploy patches for Windows Operating Systems and thousands of other third-party software applications for comprehensive protection.

Rollback and ignore

Simply rollback patches if they are unstable from individual devices or ignore so they don’t show in patch results or get redeployed.

Thousands of compatible applications

Our patch selection includes Windows operating systems and thousands of other third-party software applications such as:

Thousands of compatible applications See the whole list of applications

Get Patch Management in the Management Console

Patch Management and any of the Avast Business Antivirus products are deployed through the Management Console, making it seamless to manage the endpoint security of all your devices from a single platform. Patch Management can only be managed from the console.

Patch Management - Management Console

You can easily check status of your patches in Management Console:

The more you buy, the more you save - up to 20%!

Avast Business Patch Management

Automatically fixes and updates Windows Operating System and thousands third-party software applications.

For Windows operating systems only.

$11.99 $14.99

Buy now Free 30-day trial

30-day money back guarantee

How does patching work?


Scan all devices for missing patches

Select the frequency of the patch scan, either daily, weekly, or monthly and schedule at the precise time when you would like the scan to take place.


Deploy patches

All vendors, software applications, and severities will be patched automatically, but you can also easily exclude any application that you don’t want patched.


Review patch status

From the dashboard, easily see missing patches, patch name and severity level, along with release notes, release date, and more.

Patch Management

Patch management plays a critical role in endpoint cybersecurity

Prevent Vulnerabilities

Keep Windows Operating Systems and other third-party software applications up to date automatically to prevent possible vulnerabilities or security gaps.

Ensure Compliance

Identify outdated software, installed and failed to install security patches for company and regulatory compliance.

Reduce IT efforts and cost

Scan all devices, set schedules, and receive reports from a single console for quick and easy patch management. One solution will patch the OS and apps, physical and virtual environments, on- and off-premises devices and even endpoints that aren’t online.