Avast Academy Performance Software The Best PC Cleaner Software for Windows

The Best PC Cleaner Software for Windows

Is your PC getting sluggish? Cleaning and maintenance software can optimize the performance of PCs, old and new alike. Get your computer back up and running at full speed with a top-rated PC cleaner, then prepare to enjoy performance like never before. Read on for our list of the best PC cleaners, including Avast Cleanup.

Written by Oliver Buxton
Published on July 16, 2021

Find the best cleaning software for PC

Keeping your machine lean and clean with dedicated maintenance software is vital for smooth and speedy performance. The best Windows 10 utilities for cleanup will boost your PC in a variety of ways.

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    The best PC cleaners don’t just free up space by erasing junk files — they identify and fix other performance issues to boost startup times, update software, and even improve battery life. And because cleaning software requires full access to your computer, choosing a respected and trustworthy vendor is crucial.

    Tune up your entire system and unlock your PC’s full potential with our list of the best Windows optimizers, presented in alphabetical order.

    Note: The inclusion of any software here does not imply support or endorsement. Details such as prices, features, and terms are all subject to change.

    Avast Cleanup

    Avast Cleanup comes packed with tools to optimize every aspect of your PC’s performance, and has been shown to increase processing speeds by more than 50%. In addition to deleting junk files and cached data, it also removes bloatware, fixes broken registry items, and defrags your hard drive — getting you back up to full speed, no matter what’s slowing you down.

    Cost: $55.99/year for 1 PC, or $69.99/year for 10 devices.


    • Brimming with advanced tuneup tools.

    • Simple and intuitive user interface.

    • Strengthens privacy and security by scrubbing browser data and keeping critical programs updated.

    • Fully compatible across PC, Mac, and Android platforms.


    • No free version of Avast Cleanup, but you can try it out for 30 days absolutely free.

    • Larger software installation than some of the more slimmed-down utilities.

    Avast Cleanup’s Automatic Maintenance feature works quietly in the background to keep your PC in peak condition, allowing you to enjoy a smooth, simple, and totally stress-free online experience. This combination of performance and versatility makes Avast Cleanup one of the best PC performance software tools available. Try it today for free.

    AVG TuneUp

    AVG TuneUp is a fantastic all-in-one PC cleaner and maintenance tool that breathes new life into aging machines while boosting the performance of new computers. AVG TuneUp scrubs every corner of your disk and browser, freeing up gigabytes of space to prevent bugs, freezes, and crashes and making sure your Windows PC stays fast and smooth.

    Cost: $55.99/year for 1 PC, or $69.99/year for 10 devices.


    • Super-smart Software Uninstaller detects outdated and unused programs to free up more space on your hard drive.

    • Updates programs to make sure you’re always using the latest software.

    • Features an Automatic Maintenance tool that keeps your PC tuned up without you having to lift a finger.


    • Deep-clean scans often take several minutes to complete, though you can keep using your computer in the meantime.

    • Automatic maintenance routines can sometimes disrupt your workflow.

    AVG TuneUp’s advanced features, such as its Sleep Mode technology, easily make it one of the best computer optimizers around. Sleep Mode snoozes background programs to prevent them from gobbling up CPU and memory, which allows all your applications to run much more efficiently. Try it today with a free trial.


    CCleaner is a powerful and easy-to-use program known for its sophisticated and reliable registry cleaning tool, which removes or fixes broken items in your system. You’ll get basic PC cleaning and privacy protections for free, but you’ll need CCleaner Professional to unlock the automated deep cleaning and real-time system monitoring features.

    Cost: Free version or $29.95/year for CCleaner Professional.


    • Outstanding Software Uninstaller function for completely removing unwanted programs.

    • Custom Clean mode lets you create your own tailor-made scan.


    • Free version is supported by advertising.

    • Disk defragmentation tool available only as an extra add-on.

    One of the best free PC cleaners that’s fully compatible with all Windows operating systems from Windows 7 onwards, CCleaner is a flexible and effective computer cleaner that’s highly adaptable to your needs.


    If your computer’s suffering from a fragmented hard drive, crippled by registry issues, or simply bloated with excess junk, CleanMyPC will help get it back into shape. The software uninstaller and plug-in management tools make up for some of the other shortcomings compared to some of the other best cleaning apps.

    Cost: $39.95/year for 1 PC, $59.95/year for 2 PCs, $89.95/year for 5 devices.



    • Lacks a detailed break-down of junk files identified.

    • No backup or restore tools.

    • Limited number of devices covered.

    Lightweight and intuitive, CleanMyPC packs a lot of performance into its compact installation size. But with no backup function, you’ll have no way of recovering anything that it deletes — especially risky given the lack of information provided in scan results.

    IObit Advanced SystemCare

    IObit Advanced SystemCare includes a backup and restore feature along with system optimization even in the free version, making it one of the best free performance boosters for Windows PCs. And it features a full range of performance enhancing utilities in the premium version.

    Cost: Free version, Pro $29.99/year.


    • The Pro version includes several security-focused features.

    • The Health Monitor dashboard shows an overview of your system status.


    • Lacks disk defragmentation and software uninstallation features.

    • A licence covers only one PC.

    • Performance improvements are less impressive than its competitors.

    This no-frills tune up tool is good at what it does, but lacks several key features found in many of the other best PC cleaners — you’ll find them as upsells, additional downloads, or missing completely, even in the Pro version of the software.

    Iolo System Mechanic

    Iolo System Mechanic features an extensive repair and maintenance toolbox that ranks it among the best system optimizers and best Windows utilities. Clearing clutter from your disk and browser is a given, and it will even check your CPU, RAM, and hard drive settings to fine-tune performance when you’re running resource-intensive processes.

    Cost: $49.95/year.


    • Helps enhance privacy and security by wiping browsing data and patching vulnerabilities.

    • Automated maintenance functions.

    • Includes a registry cleaning utility.


    • Complex tools and interface.

    • 24/7 tech-support not included in the subscription price.

    • Intensive automatic background processes hog CPU and memory.

    System Mechanic is a proven package for freeing up disk space and fixing issues. Though once you factor in the monthly tech-support fee, you may be able to get more bang for your buck elsewhere — especially given the marginal benefit of some of the additional features.

    Windows Storage Sense

    Built right into Windows 10, Storage Sense is definitely one of the best Windows utilities for cleaning. It’s good for removing temp files and other junk, and can even perform some functions automatically. But Storage Sense will not give you the level of deep cleaning or performance tuning offered by dedicated repair and optimization software.

    Cost: Free with Windows 10.


    • Extremely easy to use for anyone familiar with Windows computers.

    • No installation means you don’t lose any of your reclaimed storage space.


    • Less effective than third-party PC cleaners.

    • Unable to tackle bloatware, manage browser cookies, or scrub tracking data.

    • Lacks any kind of repair or maintenance functionality.

    If you’re just looking for a quick and easy way to free up a bit of space on your hard drive while managing your temp files, Recycle Bin, and downloads folder, Windows Storage Sense will do the job just fine. But you’ll need to look elsewhere to properly and measurably improve your computer’s performance.


    Why do I really need cleaning software for my PC?

    You need cleaning software for your PC to reclaim space and boost performance. While you can clean up your computer manually — such as by deleting temporary files — this will free up only a fraction of the disk space that a thorough PC cleaning tool can give you.

    In just a few clicks, you can scour your computer from top to bottom and tune up your entire system, resulting in dramatic improvements in start-up time, processing speed, and battery life.

    Are PC cleaners safe?

    Legitimate PC cleaners from reputable vendors are perfectly safe. In fact, the best tuneup software can even help bolster your privacy and security by removing potentially harmful junkware, and cleaning up your browser’s cache, cookies, and other data that can be used to track you online.

    Does cleaning software really work?

    Yes, cleaning software really works. All the best PC cleaners have been proved to free up substantial chunks of disk space and revive struggling computers. You can also get dedicated cleaning tools for Mac, which are just as effective.

    Will a PC cleaner speed up my computer?

    Yes, a strong PC cleaner will help speed up your computer in a number of ways. Top-notch computer cleaners free up drive space, fix performance issues, and optimize your entire system for a faster and smoother user experience.

    Lab testing with Avast Cleanup has shown that, on top of tens of gigabytes of reclaimed disk space, you’ll see up to 62% quicker start-up times and up to 51% faster processing speeds. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for even more speed, check out our guide to learn how to improve your internet connection.

    Get the best cleaning software for PC: Avast Cleanup

    Far from your everyday cleaner and repair software, Avast Cleanup doesn’t simply dump junk files and bloatware — it scours your entire system, fixing issues and updating critical software for an all-around slicker, speedier, safer, and more polished machine.

    Avast Cleanup is one of the best cleaning software apps for Windows PCs.

    There’s no reason your PC should settle for second best. With Avast Cleanup, you’ll get the ultimate computer optimization and tuneup toolkit packed with all the automated high-tech wizardry needed to boost and maintain maximum performance. Download a free trial right now and find out what makes Avast Cleanup one of the best Windows 10 cleaners around.

    Oliver Buxton