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If you’ve never removed junkware — unwanted preinstalled applications — your PC is likely saddled with pointless apps consuming critical resources. Avast Cleanup’s junkware removal tool will find and delete useless files, unwanted programs, and other junk clogging your machine. Enjoy more space and faster speeds.

Remove junk files easily
Speed up your device
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An efficient junkware removal tool, and so much more

All junkware — often referred to as PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) or PUAs (potentially unwanted applications) — is pretty much the same: useless software that takes up disk space. Even worse, it can run in the background without your knowledge, devouring your CPU power and RAM. PC junk removal is a snap with Avast Cleanup.

The benefits of Avast Cleanup for PC include:

Free up space

Find and delete junkware and other unnecessary files and caches from your browser, disk, apps, and Windows.

Reclaim resources

Prevents PUPs from hogging resources, and Sleep Mode hibernates resource-intensive apps.

Get rid of malicious ads

Some junkware hides malicious software that can overwhelm you with ads or spy on you.

Speed up your device

Getting rid of junk apps and files helps your computer work faster and perform better across the board.

Keep apps updated

Stay safer by keeping all of your apps updated automatically, which helps prevent security vulnerabilities.

Fix and prevent problems

Avast Cleanup does more than just clear space. It can easily fix problems on your Windows, Mac, or Android.

How much does Avast Cleanup help? Let’s talk numbers

Avast Cleanup saves you tons of time and space. While our lab tests are indicative only, and your results may vary, we found:

71 GB

Cleaned up

Removing junkware — clearing out leftover junk data from your disk, browser, and Windows — reclaims gigabytes of space.


Faster performance

Removing PUPs, PUAs, and other junk means freeing up valuable resources so your PC can run much faster.


Quicker startup times

A fully optimized machine saves you time. Start working, emailing, or browsing right away with super-fast boot times.


Integrated tools in one app

Enjoy a full suite of powerful cleaning and optimization features that complement each other and help your PC.

Give your machine the ultimate tuneup

Avast Cleanup is more than just a junkware removal tool. Our patented, breakthrough technology will optimize your PC from top to bottom — and keep it in top shape with automatic scheduling.

It’s not just PCs that can pick up junkware

Junkware, PUPs, and other unnecessary files clog up other devices, too. Thankfully, Avast Cleanup can help you optimize your Mac and Android devices, and we have a secure browser for iOS devices.

Zap junkware and other unnecessary files and streamline your Apple machine with Avast Cleanup for Mac.
Remove junk apps and files to get your phone running up to 20% faster with Avast Cleanup for Android.
Browse faster without ads, and enjoy encrypted and private browsing with Avast Secure Browser for iOS.

Clear clutter with our trusted junkware removal tool

Don’t settle for a mediocre computer experience: boost your performance to new heights with Avast Cleanup. Remove clutter, fix problems, and fully optimize your machine with our easy-to-use and incredibly powerful cleaning suite.


What is junkware?

Junkware, also known as “crapware” or “bloatware,” refers to any unnecessary software. It may have been preinstalled on your PC when you bought it, or it may have gotten onto your machine as part of a bundle with some other software you downloaded.

What makes junkware a problem?

Junkware clutters up your machine and takes up valuable space on your hard disk, while also burning through your CPU power and RAM. Not only that, some junkware is actively malicious. It can carry malware or act like adware or spyware, compromising your security and putting your personal data at risk. That’s why it’s so important to remove junkware from your computer. A cleaner PC is a safer, faster PC.

How do you use the junkware removal tool?

It’s easy to use the junkware removal tool in Avast Cleanup. Simply open up the program, click Speed up, and then select Unnecessary programs. You’ll see a list of apps that can be safely deleted.

If you’re not sure whether a given app is junkware or actually legitimate, our cloud-based reputation system can help — it displays a star rating so you can see how other users have rated the app. You can also choose to put the app in “quarantine” to simulate deleting it. Later, if you find you’re not using the app, you can remove it — or reinstate it if you decide you want it after all.

Is our junkware removal tool safe?

Absolutely! Avast Cleanup was developed by optimization and security experts, and it’s completely safe. Our patented technology will find and root out junkware and other unnecessary files, while making sure not to touch any files and functions you need for optimal PC performance.

System requirements

We're not demanding. All you need is Windows 11 except Mixed Reality and IoT Edition; Windows 10 except Mobile and IoT Core Edition (32 or 64-bit); Windows 8/8.1 except RT and Starter Edition (32 or 64-bit); Windows 7 SP1 or higher, any Edition (32 or 64-bit)


Windows fully compatible PC with Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon 64 processor or above (must support SSE2 instructions)


256 MB RAM or above


100 MB free space on the hard disk


Internet connection to download, activate, and maintain application updates


Optimal standard screen resolution no less than 800 x 600 pixels is recommended

Windows 10 compatible

Optimize your browsing experience with Avast Secure Browser for iOS


Get rid of junkware and free up space with Avast Cleanup for PC


Get rid of junkware and free up space with Avast Cleanup for Mac


Get rid of junkware and free up space with Avast Cleanup for Android