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See how Avast grew to become a global leader in online security, offering the most extensive threat detection network in the world.

  • Protecting over 400 million users
  • From 3.5 billion attacks per month
  • In over 150 countries.
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Acquires Piriform and protecting users from WannaCry ransomware

Avast’s Threat Intelligence team worked around the clock to protect Avast users against WannaCry ransomware. The team detected over 350 variants of WannaCry and blocked it over 1,000,000 times in nearly 150 countries. Avast has the expertise, the user base, and the next-gen AI technology to stop cyberattacks in real time, even before they happen.

Acquired Piriform’s CCleaner product bringing our total active users to more than 435 million users.

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Joining forces, better together

Avast acquires fellow Czech-based cybersecurity giant AVG. Combining technologies, adding new talent, and doubling our total number of users, this joining of forces makes Avast the largest and most advanced threat detection network on the planet. To recognize the strength of the new Avast, we launch a new logo.

300 million users

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Celebrating — our grand new headquarters in Prague

Avast opens its new headquarters in Prague. Inspired by the collaborative and cutting-edge style of Silicon Valley, it is the first of its kind in the Czech Republic. Avast’s grand opening gala features Garry Kasparov, Grand Chess Master and expert on man-machine learning.

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Rising with the mobile boom

Our mobile antivirus product reaches the 100 million download milestone faster than any mobile security tool in Google Play history. Seeing this growth, new investor CVC Capital Partners values Avast at one billion dollars.

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Buying into big data

For our 25th anniversary, Avast acquires Jumpshot, a big data and advanced marketing analytics platform designed to provide insights into people’s online behavior.

And, with an increasing need for security in social media, Avast acquires secure.me, a Facebook security scanning tool allowing Avast to offer users more layers of protection.

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Bringing the best to the Mac platform

Avast brings the same free protection enjoyed by millions of PC users to the Mac platform, with Avast Free Mac Security.

And big milestones are achieved:

  • Avast Free Mobile Security becomes the best-rated security app on Google Play
  • Avast Free Antivirus is ranked as the most downloaded software on Download.com

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Getting down to business

Seeing an opportunity to keep small and medium sized companies secure, Avast pioneers new, innovative business security solutions with the Avast Business line of products.

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Becoming Avast

ALWIL Software is rebranded as Avast Software to match the iconic name of our famous product. With a $100 million investment, Summit Partners becomes a minority shareholder in Avast, confirming our unique position in the global marketplace.

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Welcoming new leadership

Vince Steckler joins the team as CEO, with over 9 years experience at Symantec and over 30 years in high tech and business. Under his leadership, 100 new employees come on board to take the company to the next level.

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Opening ALWIL to investors

Reaching a new milestone, ALWIL Software has a ratio of 1 employee per 1 million users. Quite efficient but always searching for opportunities to do even more, the company attracts investors and becomes a joint stock company.

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Doubling in size — twice

In one year, our active user base doubles… twice. First to 10 million, and later to 20 million, all within a 12-month span. Our explosive growth is attributed to increased localization efforts and our drive to protect people around the globe, industry acknowledgement of our top-tier security, and some well-deserved word of mouth.

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Acquiring our one millionth customer

30 months after becoming free to download, the company hits our first-ever milestone of one million happy, protected users. Around the same time, the team lays the foundation for more expansive growth by implementing an international reseller channel for premium products.


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Selling online

With ALWIL now available for free, a new channel is needed to deliver our product quickly and conveniently to our eager users. Partnering with Digital River, ALWIL’s first online store and distribution center named Share-it! is launched.

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Delivering security for all

Sensing change in the air on how people expect to be protected, co-founder Eduard Kučera makes the decision to turn Avast Antivirus into the first freemium security product for non-commercial use. Now, everyone can be safe online.

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Founding a company — ALWIL Software is launched

Following the Velvet Revolution in 1989, Czechoslovakia (soon to become the Czech Republic) is freed from the restraints of communism. Now, founders Pavel Baudiš and Eduard Kučera are free to pursue their dream and turn ALWIL Software into an official company.

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Destroying a virus — the start of something big

While working at Prague's Mathematical Machines Research Institute, Pavel Baudiš writes a program that destroys the Vienna virus, and shares it with his colleague Eduard Kučera. Excited at the prospect of being their own bosses, they release one of the first anti-malware programs ever made. However, the communist regime prevents them from founding an official company.

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