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Case study

The Dreadnought Centre safeguards sensitive user data by implementing Avast Business CloudCare

The Organization

The Dreadnought Centre is a medium-sized charity based in the U.K. that works with children, young people, and their families who are experiencing difficulties in their lives – whether it’s emotional, behavioral, or physical. The charity’s work looks behind behavior and provides support to explore and recognize feelings and emotions. The Dreadnought Centre empowers children and young people to build resilience and increase emotional intelligence through a mix of one-on- one mentorship, support, and group work.

The Challenge

All non-profit organizations have a legal and ethical duty to protect sensitive data relating to service users and beneficiaries. For charities like The Dreadnought Centre that work with vulnerable young people, this duty of care is especially important.

Confidentiality and trust are key to the work that The Dreadnought Centre does. Safeguarding sensitive user data to maintain this confidentiality requires business-level endpoint protection software.

A breach would not only compromise the integrity of their services – it would cause irreparable damage to the charity’s reputation and would result in a severe loss of funding. For this reason, The Dreadnought Centre, and other charities like them, require best-in-class cybersecurity systems.

The Solution

The Dreadnought Centre wanted to change its antivirus software due to the spiralling costs they were experiencing as their organization grew. They consulted with Charity Digital, an organization that has been helping charities use digital technology to accelerate their missions since 2001. Known for its Charity Digital Exchange that provides access to discounted software and hardware, the London-based organization has enabled thousands of charities to save millions on technology investments. Charity Digital directed The Dreadnought Centre to Avast Business Antivirus and CloudCare solutions.

The Results

Working across a dispersed team with varying levels of IT skills, Avast Business CloudCare appealed to the decision-makers at The Dreadnought Centre. They were able to set up their new systems quickly and easily, and ensure that remote workers were fully protected. They are also able to remotely initiate virus scans at regular intervals to safeguard against new threats.

The Dreadnought Centre found CloudCare’s intuitive dashboard easy to use and benefited from a number of features. They were able to configure alerts for important issues and immediately send email/SMS messages to affected parties – improving reaction time and thus limiting exposure.

The ability to remotely manage security for all devices with the CloudCare agent was particularly useful. With CloudCare, policy changes will automatically configure themselves on the agent-controlled devices in real time, requiring less maintenance and making it easier to scale business operations – exactly what The Dreadnought Centre required as their organization grew.

And when COVID-19 hit, The Dreadnought Centre was presented with a number of challenges in quickly digitizing service delivery in the wake of the pandemic.

Organizations that adapt successfully to any rapid change are able to do so because of good underlying systems. With Avast Business Antivirus and CloudCare, the team at The Dreadnought Centre was able to secure remote systems and safeguard sensitive user data when moving to a new way of working.

They are now offering remote service delivery through conference call software, which is helping them further diversify the ways they offer care to their clients.



Security need

Avast Business CloudCare endpoint and network protection


Avast Business CloudCare endpoint and network protection


  • New efficiencies from using the cloud-based console, threat detection features, and real-time alerts provided the ability to focus more time on their operations and clients.
  • Increased protection for remote workers providing services through conference call software during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Reduced maintenance costs and simplified the ability to scale operations as the organization grew.
  • Gained the ability to remotely manage security for all devices, streamlining resources

One of our challenges is ensuring that our staff members stay on top of updates. Using the Avast Business tools, we can push updates and virus scans centrally, and our users do not need to have advanced skills to do so

Ben Mumford
The Dreadnought Centre

Dreadnought Center Case Study


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