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Avast Total Support


"He was GREAT!! And explained everything so I could understand it completely!"


"The representative went into my pc with no problem and fix the issues with my Avast security with no problem."


"He was very knowledgeable, fast and completed the task."

Why choose this product?

Avast Total Support offers immediate, non-stop, unlimited access to highly trained technicians who are ready to solve your computer issues quickly and effectively.

Free Diagnosis

Call us to discuss your support issue. We will connect remotely to your PC, find the trouble and explain the resolution, all for free!

Expert Technicians

All of our technicians are fully certified and trained to the highest standards by our specialist training team.

Help with Peripherals

Our technicians can assist you with installing and connecting your scanner, printer, or digital camera.

Top-rated Tools

In addition to our personal assistance, we use a range of top-rated tools to help solve any problems quickly and easily.

What’s Included

Avast Total Support is more than just technical support for Avast As part of your subscription you get unlimited technical support for all of the following items:

  • Fixing PC-related security problems
  • Troubleshooting and removing persistent pop-ups
  • Performance enhancement and optimization of your PC
  • Removal of unnecessary processes
  • Clearing out of temporary and start-up files and performing a defrag of your computer
  • Configuring Windows updates
  • Connecting and configuring your PC to work with peripherals such as printers, cameras, scanners, MP3 players
  • Removing unused and/or incompatible software
  • Installing consumer application software titles (e.g. Microsoft, Adobe, Intuit)
  • Securing data between your computers, including local data synchronization 1
  • Moving personal data from one computer to another 2
  • Setup and synchronizing of a data backup (to your own local storage device)
  • Network security setup 3

The service shall be available to you provided that: 1 the computer being secured has an Avast Total Support subscription. 2 the data is being moved to or from a computer with an Avast Total Support subscription. 3 the computer subscribed to Avast Total Support is on the network being setup.

Thank you for calling Avast Total Support.

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