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Download free antivirus
Award-winning virus and malware protection

Download a free antivirus for your Windows PC, Mac, or laptop to help detect and isolate potential cyberthreats while optimizing your home Wi-Fi security and more.
Also available for Mac, Android, and iOS
Also available for PC, Android, and iOS
Also available for PC, Mac, and iOS
Also available for PC, Mac, and Android
2024 Best Protection
2024 Top Rated
Millions of people chose Avast Free Antivirus to get:
Safer browsing and emailing
Home Wi-Fi network security
Easy to install, effortless to use
30+ years of cybersecurity experience
Avast Free Antivirus
Virus protection for any device
30+ years of experience helped us create easy-to-use antivirus software that features one of the industry’s most advanced threat-detection networks, machine-learning virus protection, and home network security that won’t slow down your Windows PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone.

6 layers of antivirus security

Scans files and apps for potential malware vulnerabilities. Plus, send suspicious files for analysis in the cloud, get threat alerts, and more.
Smart Scan
Scans your device for hard-to-find vulnerabilities in hidden places.
Automatically sends suspicious files for analysis in the Cloud, then pushes a cure to Avast users if needed.
Behavior Shield
Alerts you immediately if any of your apps start behaving suspiciously.
File Shield
Scans any file added to or opened on the user’s PC for threats.
Rescue Disk
Rescue Disk allows a user to boot their PC from an external device (CD, USB drive).
Isolates potentially harmful files from your operating system and sends to Avast Threat Labs for further analysis if you want.

Avast Free Antivirus offers you even more

Get more than just free antivirus software, thanks to these extra privacy and security features:
Connect more safely to Wi-Fi networks and help keep cyber criminals and malicious intruders out of your network and far away your sensitive, personal files.
Network Inspector
Connect more safely, even on unsecured Wi-Fi networks, block hackers and intruders from piggybacking on your network more easily, and help keep them away from your sensitive, personal files.
Our intelligent firewall monitors all network traffic between your PC and the outside world and helps block malicious intrusions.
Stay safer when browsing, emailing, or working online. Help block malicious websites and unsafe downloads, and help stop your device from being hijacked and made part of a botnet.
Web Shield
Web Shield blocks websites if it detects malicious code or malware, plus it blocks links on emails potentially linked to phishing.
Mail Shield
Mail Shield alerts you to potentially malicious email attachment before you click on them.
Helps stop hackers from accessing, changing, or locking your personal files then holding you to ransom.
Ransomware Shield
Keep your information safer. Don't let your personal photos, files, and documents become hostage to ransomware — help prevent untrusted applications from modifying, deleting, or encrypting them.
Get an alert if a password linked to your email account has been compromised.
Hack Alerts
Help keep your email accounts and their passwords secure. If we detect that your email passwords have been part of a leak or hack, you’ll get an alert, allowing you to re-secure your account immediately.

Hundreds of millions of users trust us with their digital lives

“The well-known security specialist Avast received a total of three awards for its outstanding performance...shows how reliably and securely the security software renders its service...”
Awarded Top‑Rated Product 2022 by AV‑Comparatives
Avast Free Antivirus
Easy to install, effortless to use
Our antivirus software scans for security and performance issues and helps you to fix them instantly. It also protects you in real time by analyzing unknown files before they reach your desktop PC or laptop — all for free.
Also available for Mac, Android, and iOS
Also available for PC, Android, and iOS
Also available for PC, Mac, and iOS
Also available for PC, Mac, and Android

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