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Live your best connected life with Avast 3D online protection

Privacy | Security | Performance

Trusted by over 435 million people, Avast is a world leader in cybersecurity. Our range of privacy, security, and performance products cover all the bases. That’s our 3D solution.

Privacy Products

What you do online is your business.
We keep it that way

Use the internet freely knowing you’re truly incognito. Our privacy products let you safely connect to unsecured public Wi-Fi, stop online spies, and protect your personal information from being exploited online. Start your privacy journey with our VPN and keep your online activity completely private.
SecureLine VPN

Encrypt your connection to browse safely and privately on any network.

Keep your activity completely private
Enjoy fast, private browsing
Secure any connection with one click
Access your favorite content from anywhere
security products

You have the right to be safe online.
We make sure you are

Go ahead — open that email, download that file, or pay online. Our award-winning antivirus protects you against viruses and other malware, while additional layers of advanced security let you safely shop and bank online with confidence.
Premium Security

Get award-winning antivirus protection with additional layers of advanced security.

Get advanced protection against online threats
Block viruses, spyware, and other malware
Avoid fake websites and phishing attempts to safely shop and bank online
Protect your files from being locked by ransomware
Performance Products

Keep your computer, phones, and tablets running like new

Your online experience is only as good as the devices you connect with. Our performance products keep your computer and mobile devices in top shape, so you can enjoy faster performance, fewer freezes and crashes, and maximum battery life. Start with Avast Cleanup to declutter and speed up your devices.
Cleanup Premium

Clean out junk to free up storage space and speed up your device.

Get your device back to running like new
Safely delete temporary and leftover files
Remove programs and apps you no longer use
Clean out browser caches for faster browsing