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Secure Web Gateway

Block web threats before they hit the network - secure your network traffic without additional proxy servers or on-premise appliances.

Threats are flooding the internet - we’ve got what you need to protect your clients or business

Filter web traffic and keep unwanted malware away from networks

Simple to deploy
Secure Web Gateway is simple to deploy and manage across multiple locations, and can be set up in minutes. Devices are automatically directed to the nearest data center for lightning-fast connections from anywhere in the world.
Scales with you
Our threat network is geographically dispersed with over 100 data centers, on five different continents, and draws from dozens of top threat feeds that act as vigilant security guards, observing, processing, and reporting on around 30 billion requests per day.
Learns in real time
When an uncategorized web address is accessed via Secure Web Gateway, the site gets inspected for threats and categorized into one of dozens of categories, resulting in constant updates to the whole security network.

Don’t take our word for it

Here are a few case studies from our customers

“Our team is spread out between offices in Ontario and Quebec and travels frequently to client sites across the globe. We get a lot of phishing scams as well as emails from our clients that contain malware. We are also on the internet daily, researching and downloading regulatory information that’s critical to our work, and this puts us at risk.”

Julie-Lea Lipszyc Principal of Quality & Compliance


“Our success is due to our dedication to our SME clients and our ability to tailor programs for every type of business. We are first and foremost here to partner with our customers and advise them on the best services for their needs. We do this by establishing trust and providing innovative products and dedicated support.”

Jonathan Colmano Director

LDB Networks & Systems

“With hotels in multiple states and time zones, we need continuous visibility across our network, strong web protection that prevents users from being fooled by phishing or spoofing, and the ability to manage security from any location at any time.”

Mike Marcum Director of IT

The Kishan Group

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Unparalleled protection, total control

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Monitor threats from a single dashboard and easily deploy layered, enterprise-grade security. Use our free remote support tool to connect securely to any device and remotely resolve issues.