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Network security beyond the perimeter

The old way of securing a business is no longer effective. The latest cloud-based network protection enables you to truly secure clients anywhere, anytime.

The next generation of network security starts here

It’s time to flip the security models of the past

Cybersecurity without boundaries
On-premise security appliances and data centers only protect employees working in the office – but what about remote workers?
Modern, adaptable protection
Businesses are rapidly moving operations to robust cloud applications and these demand robust cloud protection.
Deeper security for hidden dangers
Nearly 90% of web traffic is encrypted – bypassing traditional security appliances and infecting devices everywhere.

Here’s the good news… a better solution exists.

Move from perimeter-focused to user-focused

Avast Business Secure Internet Gateway and Secure Web Gateway are designed to secure your clients and their users in the digital world.

Better security

Secure users wherever they are. We provide full inline inspection of SSL and internet traffic, and update global threat feeds in real time.


Simplified protection

Say goodbye to complex refresh schedules and daily maintenance. Avast delivers it all from the cloud – no hardware needed.

Reduced costs

Omitting legacy solutions reduces costs, like WAN expenses, so you can increase margins and stop dealing with network appliances.

Secure Internet Gateway

We’ve combined forces with Zscaler, the leading provider of enterprise cloud firewall networks, to offer the first enterprise-grade cloud firewall created specifically for SMBs.

Harness the power of…

Fast, full SSL inspection across all ports and protocols
The largest global firewall network with over 150 data centers
Lightning fast performance. Supports remote offices and mobile users
Scales seamlessly with your clients’ business - never run out of capacity

Secure Web Gateway

Malicious activity is flooding the internet. Prevent attacks from entering your network by blocking access to known bad websites and downloads with Secure Web Gateway.

Go beyond filtering with…

Advanced and intelligent proxying that inspects, categorizes, and classifies websites
Easy modification of block/allow lists that get updated regularly as new sites get classified
Analysis of suspicious files and URLS in a virtual environment, blocking threats from the network
DNS protection that starts shielding your business from web threats on day 1

Get superior network protection right from your CloudCare platform

Avast Business CloudCare takes “simple security” to the next level, allowing you to remotely deliver layered endpoint and network security services to multiple devices and sites, all from a single pane of glass.