Avast Anti-Theft

Comes with tons of FREE features


Remote Listening

Remotely have the phone call you elsewhere, with screen blacked out, so that thieves cannot see the call status and you can listen to the phone's surroundings.


Activate a loud siren which reverts to maximum volume if thieves try to silence it.

Trusted SIM Cards List

Establish a 'white list' of approved SIM cards that can be used in the phone without triggering a theft alert, or easily set only the primary one in the phone as ‘trusted’.

Stealth Mode

Once enabled, the app icon is hidden in the app tray, making it 'invisible' and thus difficult for thieves to detect.

Remote Locator

Remotely locate phone via GPS, Wi-Fi, or mobile network – for maximum accuracy. Can locate either once or continuously.

SIM-Card-Change Notification

If stolen, and a different (unauthorized) SIM card is inserted, the phone can lock, activate siren, and send you a notification (to your Avast Account) of the phone's new number and geo-location.

Remote Memory Wipe

Remotely trigger a full, permanent wipe of all phone data (e.g. contacts, call log, SMS/MMS, browser history, apps, email accounts), including reliable, physical wipe of memory cards (limited functionality on older versions).

Remote "Lost" Notification

Remotely send a "Lost" command to trigger same actions as SIM card change (e.g. phone lock, siren, or USB lock). "Found" command deactivates "Lost" command.

Remote History

Query the call log, contacts, and SMS messages remotely (with each forwarded as a separate SMS message, but able to be filtered).

Remote Restart

Reboot the phone by SMS command, which will lock the phone by asking for the SIM card's PIN code. (Works only on rooted phones.)

Low Battery Notification

Phone is able to send low battery notification to a secondary device.

Remote Lock

To protect your data, your phone can be locked remotely and unlocked only with your password.

Remote Settings Change

All of the Anti-Theft settings can be changed remotely.

Message the screen

Send a customized message to your phone display (e.g. with a reward for its return), whether it is locked or not.

Lock Phone Settings Access

Enables remote locking of the phone's App Manager and/or settings.