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Avast Care

Get 24/7 assistance for your Avast PC products

With Avast Care, our trained customer service experts are available anytime to help you get the most out of your products.

What Avast Care can do for you

Whether you have a technical problem, need Avast’s help setting up your PC products, or are looking for a computer virus removal service, Avast Care is the insurance you need for any product-related issue.

Get expert installation support
Avast Care experts are ready to assist you with installing, reinstalling, or setting up Avast PC products.
Remove viruses and malware
Something not quite right with your PC? We can help verify if your PC is infected with malware and, most importantly, remove it.
Check your PC’s health
If you’ve noticed more error messages or odd PC behavior, we’ll figure out the problem and fix it to get your PC running its best again.
Improve PC performance
We’ll help you optimize your product settings to make your PC run faster, perform better, and more.

How Avast Care works

Get expert help from the comfort of your home. No complicated instructions required.

Call us 24/7
Get in touch with one of our experts about any product-related problem, anytime day or night.
We’ll find the problem
With your permission, an expert will remotely access your computer to determine what the problem is.
And quickly fix it
Most issues can be solved remotely, and we can also show you how to use your Avast PC product features.

Choose the best support service for you

Free support
Avast Care
Phone consultations
Remote access troubleshooting
Remote virus and spyware removal
Premium support for Avast products (Windows PC only)
24/7 phone and remote access support

You may still be wondering…

Avast Care

Get expert assistance for any Avast PC product, anytime.

(Covers one Windows PC)


30-day money-back guarantee