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What makes a password strong?

The longer a password, the more secure it is. A strong password should be at least 10 characters long.
Strong passwords use a combination of letters, numbers, cases, and symbols to form an unpredictable string of characters that doesn't resemble words or names.
A strong password should be unique to each account to reduce vulnerability in the event of a hack.

Password generator FAQs

Questions about this random password generator? Answers below!
Absolutely! Avast's Random Password Generator uses mathematical entropy to create a random password consisting of numbers, letters, and symbols. The characters rendered from this auto password generator are entirely random and won't transmit over the internet, providing the most secure password during the password generator process. No one, not even Avast, can see your private, personal password.
Computers can quickly and easily guess passwords. Any hacker using a traditional desktop computer would have the opportunity to test billions of different passwords in several seconds. We've developed an online password generator to help you keep your private information secure. Our free password generator relies on mathematical randomness from an algorithm to create truly secure, random passwords.

Most people are not good at picking random passwords and have a habit of using common names, numbers, and characters. No matter how clever you think you are, most computers can easily guess human-generated passwords. Generating a password using a combination of alphanumeric characters and special symbols ensures its security.

Avoid putting your personal information at risk with Avast password generator. Our password creator generates a combination of keys to help you maximize safety and security while logging into different accounts. We don't create or store anything. Instead, your device generates the local mathematical entropy to complete the password generate process.
Yes, it is crucial to have a unique password for every online account you might have. Once passwords get saved due to a security breach, the hackers often keep them in a leaked password database. Protect yourself from having your personal information exposed on the dark web by using the Avast Random Password Generator. It will create random passwords for you to use for each account to never have to recycle your passwords again.

Adding an extra character, symbol, or number to a password you've used with other accounts won't suffice. Save yourself time and frustration with an added level of protection by utilizing our strong password generator. The free password generator is easy to use and can help you keep your identity from landing on the dark web, where hackers and cybercriminals could use it to their advantage.
Here are the 10 worst passwords of the year. Common passwords show how terrible humans are at generating random characters. Use an algorithmic generator instead (like the one above)!

  • 123456
  • Password
  • 12345678
  • Qwerty
  • 12345
  • 123456789
  • Letmein
  • 1234567
  • Football
  • iloveyou
Remember, human-created passwords are weak passwords. The human mind cannot compete with a server guessing billions of permutations per second.

Hacked passwords use common words and phrases. Prevent a dictionary attack with a strong password. Bookmark this page so you always generate random characters in the future.
The best password generator uses cryptographic entropy to generate random passwords for use online. However, we've built the Avast password generator to eliminate that frustration while serving as a free password generator for the public. The webpage relies solely on your computer as the password creator. The randomized auto password generator leaves you with safe, secure passwords to use online and offline.

We've developed an authentic, strong password generator that won't create a single fake password or store your details online. As a result, nothing gets transmitted online, making this a safer experience. Therefore, use our secure password generator on your browser to create a unique password. Our organization has an incredible reputation as a company that takes safety and security seriously.
If you want a strong password, you need to create random passwords using cryptographic entropy. Unfortunately, human-generated passwords are always weak. Why? Because humans have predictable patterns when typing on a keyboard. No matter how clever you think you are, the chances are that a hacker guessing billions of random passwords will crack it. The Avast password generator instantly renders long and cryptographically secure characters. These characters are rendered locally on your machine. Avast never generates, sends, receives, nor stores any passwords. The auto password generator is a valuable tool to use when you want to access the power of your computer and its perfect cryptographic power.

Everyone wants to have a strong random password for their important accounts. Unfortunately, no matter how clever you are, it is impossible for any human being to construct a strong password by typing on a keyboard. Only mathematical entropy can generate sufficient randomness to avoid a password breach by hackers. Using a random password generator tool like Avast is far preferable to typing a password because it uses truly random symbols and characters. There is always a chance hackers would access your passwords by guessing human-typed letter and number combinations. However, Avast's random password generator allows you to access the power of your own computer to create impossible-to-guess character strings.
To prevent sophisticated hackers from getting into your accounts, you need to use a random password generator to keep your accounts safe. The password generator will create dozens of random passwords consisting of numbers, letters, and symbols that even the most skilled hackers cannot guess. Safe password generators make use of cryptographic entropy or randomness. Avoid using the most common security questions and answers to make a password strong. It would be best to never use the same password for various important accounts. Random password generators use passwords that contain at least 16 characters, one uppercase letter, one number, one special symbol, and one lowercase letter. When creating passwords, people often use phone numbers, social security numbers, postcodes, ID card numbers, house numbers, and birthdays -- all of which are easy to guess.

If using a free password generator, do not grant permissions to any web browser to save your passwords, because they often are breached quickly. In addition, you should avoid logging on to financial accounts on public computers or whenever connected to a free VPN, web proxy, or public Wi-Fi. Public internet connections are often unencrypted. Hackers can intercept data within cafés, hotels, airports, and conference centers. Protect your information with Avast's public Wi-Fi safety guide.

Avast random password generator makes securing your account a breeze. You can generate random strong passwords instantly on this page. That’s how it works:
  • It lets you choose password length and present a checklist of characters options to create unbreakable random passwords. You can set Avast's predefined or selected metrics to generate a random password and copy it to your clipboard to improve the security of any online account.
  • Its diverse pool of lowercase characters, upper case characters, numbers and special characters allows Avast's auto password generator to create unpredictable random passwords.
  • Whether you are creating a password for games, social media accounts, personal emails, or bank accounts, Avast's user-friendly design and ability to create random passwords in no time combine to make the best random password generator available.
  • Each random password generated occurs due to robust cryptographic algorithms that render locally in your browser -- using your computer's own processor -- and without transmitting anything over the internet.
You are putting yourself at risk if you are entrusting an unknown online random sequence generator tool for your passwords. If you use a free password generator online, the site might be decrypted or presenting compromised information, meaning hackers could access your personal details. Multiple factors like cryptographic techniques, algorithms, updating routines, and web to server communication protocols collaborate to create an unbreakable random password creator. The best way to reduce risk is to use a renowned random password generator tool -- like this webpage, built by Avast, a multi-billion dollar company with over a decade of audited public filings. The Avast password generator relies on modern security algorithms with regular updates to always stay ahead of hacking techniques. Avast creates random passwords on users' local machines -- never transmitted over the internet -- and does not store the passwords. So, there is zero hacking risk when using the Avast random password generator here. Only you can view the characters that your own computer is rendering -- within your browser alone.
Generating random passwords is one thing but remembering them is another. When you have a random password for each account, it is hard to remember what you have used because of all the random letters and numbers. So, you are probably wondering if there is a secure way to store the passwords created using the secure password generator. Advanced technology makes it possible to keep your passwords stored with ease. In addition, you can use a reliable, safe password manager to keep your information private. However, you will always need to avoid scam websites. You will also need to avoid sharing your password with anyone else.

Most people have multiple digital accounts, such as banking apps and gaming sites. It is not easy to memorize many passwords, but using the same password is a massive vulnerability. So, is there a secure way to store distinct passwords? You can save your passwords traditionally by saving them into a biometric USB. However, these come with risk that someone could coerce you into unlocking your USB at some point. Always use a secure password manager to keep sensitive information in encrypted storage. Password managers' cryptography render passwords inaccessible to hackers.
Constructing a solid password is a daunting task, particularly when you need to have a strong password for multiple sites. It quickly becomes tough to memorize the passwords with cryptographic entropy that combine characters and special symbols. It is one of the reasons that many people use identical passwords for multiple sites, even though they know that it is unsafe.

If your passwords get hacked, your information is exposed to the public. Hand-typing passwords is also a big no-no because of the greater risk of a security breach. The secure password generator creates passwords with a minimum of 16 characters, including at least one number, symbols, and some uppercase characters. Never save these random passwords to the web browsers because they are easily accessible. Use both upper and lowercase letters in a password.

In this digital era, it is crucial to create a random password for each site that will protect your sensitive information. Uniqueness, length, uppercase and lowercase letters, special characters, symbols, and numbers are the critical characteristics that make a password safe. While it may seem complicated, you can use Avast's password generator tool. The Avast password generator generates some of the most unbreakable passwords. The convenient auto password generator even lets you set password length and character combinations for creating a customized password. It operates on the users' machine to generate password options for sites and does not store passwords on its server.
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