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Avast Search

Browse the way you’re used to, with one important difference:
the certainty of knowing all your search results are safe.

Filter out the risky stuff

Avast Search checks that the results being returned to you are safe - so you’re always choosing from secure, authentic content.

Stop infected sites compromising your PC

Remove phishing risks and secure your passwords

Avoid impostor sites trying to steal your money

Use the power of our network

Millions can’t be wrong. Avast Search is powered by WebRep technology, which gathers reputation ratings for internet domains - at 100,000 user ratings per second.

Available globally

Avast is available around the world, so you can search safely wherever you are - in your local language.

How to change your browser search settings

Avast Search offers protection against fake sites, infected domains, and phishing so your passwords can’t be stolen without you knowing. But if you ever want set a different search engine as default, it’s easy.

Go to Settings > Search Engines > change your search provider

Make sure the sites you visit are safe.

Try it now