Version 1.1 (Revised January 4, 2018)


We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee on certain Avast, AVG, CCleaner (including Defraggler, Recuva and Speccy) and HideMyAss! Solutions that end users purchase directly from us through our online retail stores or through Google Play. If your purchase qualifies, and you follow all the instructions in this Refund Policy within 30 days of the date of purchase, we will refund 100% of the price you paid for the Solution. 

We also allow you to terminate your subscription and request a refund (prorated for the unexpired or unused portion of the Subscription Term) if we provide notice to you that we are amending the End User License Agreement we entered into with you in respect of such subscription and/or Solution (the “EULA”), and you object to such amendment within 30 days of the date of such notice. 

Requesting a Refund from Us.

Before you start, please read all the restrictions and limitations described in this Refund Policy. If you qualify for a refund on your purchase, and you purchased the Solution directly from us through our online retail store or from Google Play, then please follow the instructions below:

Products Purchased from Us and Subscriptions You Terminate for Notified Amendments to the EULA. To request a refund on a Solution you purchased from us through our online retail stores, or to terminate a subscription because you object to an amendment to the EULA we have notified to you, please find the confirmation email or invoice we sent directly to you in connection with your purchase, because it will tell you which Avast company you will need to contact (which may not be the brand name on the Solution) and will contain certain other information you must provide us in order to request your refund. Then, click on the link below and follow the instructions on the linked page:

Consumer products purchased from Avast

Business products purchased from Avast,

Business products purchased from AVG,

Consumer products purchased from AVG,

All business products and consumer products purchased from CCleaner (including DefragglerRecuva and Speccy),

All business products and consumer products purchased from HideMyAss!

Products Purchased from Google Play. To request a refund on a Solution you purchased from the Google Play app store, you must provide us with the email address you used in Google Play to purchase the Solution and the Transaction ID for the purchase. You can find the Transaction ID by: (i) finding the email sent to your Google Play account to confirm your purchase; or (ii) logging into the Google Payments portal at with the Google Play account you used for the purchase, and then finding the specific transaction in the Subscription and Services section. Once you have both the Google Play account email address and the Transaction ID, click here to request a refund from Avasthere for AVGhere for CCleaner, or here for HideMyAss!, and follow the instructions on the linked page. 

Restrictions and Limitations.

Restrictions Regarding Products Purchased from a Physical Store, iTunes and Other Resellers. To request a refund on a Solution you purchased from a physical bricks-and-mortar store, the iTunes app store or any other reseller (not mentioned above), rather than directly from us, please contact the reseller regarding its refund policy and any request for a refund. We do not grant refunds on those purchases.

Restrictions on Refunds to Resellers, Distributors and Channel Partners. If you purchased a Solution for resale to a third party, you have a right to receive refunds only if the right is granted by your Reseller Agreement, Distribution Agreement, Channel Partner Agreement or other agreement with us. Please review your agreement with us before requesting a refund.

Other Restrictions. We do not grant refunds for purchases of any:

  •  Solution if you completed the purchased more than 30 days prior to the date you requested a refund
  • CD, DVD or other physical medium on which we provide a copy of a Solution, unless the physical medium is defective
  • Service we have fully performed prior to the date you requested a refund
  • Solution within 6 months after you have received a refund for any prior purchase of the same Solution
  • VPN Solution or other communications Solution that you have used to upload and/or download more than 10GB of data in aggregate, or that you have used to connect to our VPN or other communication service more than 100 times 
  • Solution with respect to which you have violated our End User License Agreement

Dispute Resolution (EU Residents Only). If you are a consumer and live in the European Union and you purchased the Solution online from one of our companies based in the European Union, you may be entitled to address any dispute with us through an internet platform for online dispute resolution established by the European Commission (the “ODR Platform”). The ODR Platform is intended to facilitate out-of-court resolutions relating to online purchases of goods and services between consumers and traders based in the European Union. You will find the ODR Platform by following this link: Please note that our End User License Agreement requires that you first contact us and provide us with an opportunity to resolve your issue, before you initiate any dispute resolution process.

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