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Avast UK Cyberhood Watch

Does cybercrime worry you more than physical crime? Neighbourhood Watch members told Avast how cybercrime today has affected them and their communities.

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Avast and Neighbourhood Watch partnership

Avast has teamed up with Neighbourhood Watch to create the UK Cyberhood Watch initiative that will help people in Britain learn more about the cybersecurity risks that exist every time we go online, and discover which regions of the UK are the most at risk.

From phishing to viruses to ransomware, this community-led awareness programme looks at the impact cybercrime can have on our everyday lives, and provides simple tips on the steps we can take to protect ourselves, our friends and family, and our local community.

Cybercrime UK Insights

In the digital age, cybercrime now feels more of a threat than physical crime for a significant number of households across England and Wales. An increasing number of people personally know a victim of online theft, and as many as one in five people in the UK have been a victim of cybercrime.

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* 20% of UK citizens have been a victim of cybercrime

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Do you know how to recognise cybercrime?

Think you can spot a fake website? Take a good look and see if you can spot the differences between a real website and a fake one.