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Outsmart phishing emails

Most spam is just annoying and clogs up your inbox. But other spam can be malicious, entrapping you with phishing techniques.

What’s the risk?

Spam clogs and clutters your email, getting in the way of the emails that truly matter to you. It also can be used to phish for personal data or lure you to malicious sites that can infect your computer.

How can hackers steal my data?

Hackers use spam as a way to lure you to malicious sites or into financial scams. We’ve made sure Anti-spam filters and labels any spam in your email application, so you don’t have to waste your time trying to keep your inbox clean and safe.

Filter out spam

Both Avast Internet Security and Avast Premier come with Anti-spam installed, so you can stay safe from phishing and don’t have to waste your time with junk emails.

Is Avast Premier or Avast Internet Security already protecting your PC? Then our Anti-spam should already be effortlessly sorting through your emails. If you feel like diving into advanced settings, open your Avast, go to Settings, click on Active protection, look for Anti-spam, and then click on Customize.

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