Have Hackers Stolen & Leaked Your Password? | Avast Hack Check
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Has my password been stolen?

Find out with Avast Hack Check

We’ve detected 19,491,055,067 stolen passwords that have been taken as a part of a security breach or other types of illegal online activity. See if yours is one of them. Just enter the email address you use to log in to Facebook or LinkedIn or any other on-line site where you have an account and we will check it against a database of hacked websites and stolen log-in details.

  • Check if your password has been leaked and get a report to your email
  • Receive 24-hour automatic email alerts anytime your password leaks

This is how it works


When a website you use gets hacked...


... and hackers post your login details online...


...we spot the hack and warn you

How can my account details get hacked?

Every year, billions of login details from hundreds of websites are taken in hacker attacks. These stolen email addresses and passwords are then exposed on the dark web or sold on the black market, where criminals pay to gain access to your sensitive data. Companies or organizations you do business with can also leak or publish their users’ sensitive data by accident.

If criminals get a hold of one of your accounts, they can potentially impersonate you, message your contacts, access your cloud storage, steal your money, and even jump to your other accounts. That’s why we take password safety so seriously.

How can I secure my passwords?

Avast Hack Check notifies you automatically when your login details are stolen, so you can secure your accounts before anyone else reaches them. As the world’s largest consumer security company, we can securely check if any of your login details appear in our database of stolen passwords, find out if your account may have been compromised, and therefore help keep your accounts safe — and you can trust us not to save or share your email address with anyone.

What else can you do? Try our free strong password generator, to create less hackable passwords or do it yourself with our DIY strong password guide. Brush up on your phishing scam-spotting skills so you don’t get tricked by fakes.