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How it works

A website you use gets hacked...
... and hackers post your login details online...
...we spot the hack and warn you

What can hackers do with your data?

They can hack into your accounts and see your emails, medical records, banking details, and more.
In the worst-case scenario, hackers could even steal your identity.
With your identity, they could ruin your credit score, steal your money, and damage your reputation.

How to secure your passwords?

Use Avast Hack Check to see if any of your accounts have been hacked.
If so, change your passwords immediately — or have a strong one created for you. Use our password generator
Then set up alerts to ensure that you're notified of other hacks in the future. Want 24/7 account monitoring? Try Avast BreachGuard
Avast BreachGuard

Take control of your personal info

Protect your sensitive online information from being collected by third parties and data breaches.

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