The safest way to browse — every day

SafeZone, the "world's most secure browser", protects you from hackers and annoying ads, so you can keep your payments — and your browsing, to yourself.

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Why use SafeZone browser instead of Chrome or Firefox?

SafeZone is a browser that works like any other, giving you access to the Internet. What makes it different, is that it has safety features built in to protect your privacy, prevent hacker attacks, and make browsing a better experience.

SafeZone will:

  • Filter out web pages that have a poor reputation
  • Block annoying ads
  • Allow you to download videos directly from video hosting sites so you can enjoy them anytime.
  • Stop malicious extensions from being added to your browser
  • Protect you on banking sites by isolating your browser session so that it can’t be tracked

Safer banking than with a standard browser

Whenever you use SafeZone to browse the Internet, it automatically opens banking sites in Bank Mode. Bank Mode isolates your session and protects it from those that could log your keystrokes, eavesdrop on your network, and capture any of your passwords or other personal data. You can also manually open Bank Mode on any site with a simple click.

SafeZone Browser is taking a break

An updated version will be released soon. Until you receive the upgraded browser with all-new security and privacy center, you'll still be able to use your SafeZone browser as usual.