Avast Anti-Theft

The app that locates your missing Android phone or tablet.

Remote recovery options help you keep control of your device, even when it's 'lost'.

Locate your device on a map

Remotely locate your phone via GPS, Wi-Fi,
or mobile network – for maximum accuracy.

Remotely lock your phone

Remotely lock your phone to prevent access to your personal data and settings.

SIM-Card-Change Notification

If stolen, and a different SIM card inserted, the phone's new number
and geo-location can be sent to a friend's device.

Activate a siren remotely

Activate a loud, customizable siren,
which reverts to maximum volume if thieves try to silence it.

Also comes with these
other FREE features

  • Remote "Lost" Notification
  • Remote Memory Wipe
  • Stealth Mode
  • Lock Phone Settings Access
  • Low Battery Notification
  • Remote Settings Change
  • Remote Listening
  • Trusted SIM Cards List
  • Message the screen
  • App Disguiser

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Set a perimeter with Geofencing

Set your phone to perform specified actions (e.g. lock, siren, send location) when it leaves a set perimeter.

Remotely send SMS from the lost phone

Your device will send the SMS for you.

Remote data retrieval from your device

Retrieve call logs, SMS messages, and other personal data from your phone.

Take a photo of a would-be thief

You can set your device to lock access and take a picture of the person attempting to unlock it after three failed tries.