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Avast BreachGuard

Protect your sensitive online information from data breaches and collection by third parties.

30-day money-back guarantee
Monitor for data breaches 24/7
Take back your personal info
Get smart privacy advice
30-day money-back guarantee

Defend your privacy with BreachGuard

Monitor for data breaches 24/7
Check for leaks of your personal info and protect it from hackers.
Take back your personal info
Stop companies from collecting and selling your personal info.
Get smart privacy advice
Get help adjusting the privacy settings of your online accounts.

Data breaches happen every day, but BreachGuard keeps you safe around the clock

If a website you use gets hacked...
… and your personal info is at risk...
… we detect the hack and help secure you.

Keep watch over your personal info

Automatically scan the dark web for your leaked personal info and passwords.
Stay on top of new data breaches and immediately take the right steps to protect your personal information.
Ensure your passwords are strong and aren’t similar to ones that have been leaked.
Privacy features

Avoid advertisers with our browser extension

Opt out from companies who try to collect and use your personal info as you browse the web.

Send requests to specific advertisers to stop using your data.
Available on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Avast Secure Browser, and Opera.
Automatically opt out from new advertisers as they’re added to our list.

BreachGuard makes it simple to protect your sensitive accounts

Strengthen your online account privacy settings

Control the amount of private information you share publicly.
Stop anyone from finding and spying on you through social media.
Reduce the amount of personal info companies have on you.

Get a clear overview of your privacy

The BreachGuard dashboard shows you your privacy score so you can easily understand your privacy level and take action to improve it.

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Avast BreachGuard

Take back control of your personal information now

Monitor for data breaches 24/7
Take back your personal info
Get smart privacy advice
30-day money-back guarantee

Get privacy and performance tips, straight from the experts

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